About Us



iLashed was founded in November 2015 with one clear mission; make cruelty-free lashes of high quality that are suitable for all eye shapes. We strive to offer innovative, on-trend, never-before-seen products that empower our customers worldwide.

Our ultimate goal is to familiarize our customers with this beauty trend that gives the eyes a beautiful full look and reveals  openness. iLashed was created to inspire and empower people regardless of age, race or gender to feel beautiful with lashes that not only compliment their diverse eye shapes, but also their unique personalities.

iLashed is quickly involving into the hottest beauty trend. Our lashes are the best of the best when it comes to false lashes. Our eyelashes are the best of the best when it comes to false eyelashes. We maintain extremely high standards when it comes to quality and beauty. Our products are hand-made to guarantee quality and durability using 100% sterilized, premium silk and synthetic fibers on a cotton band. Our eyelashes are luxurious, soft, comfortable, lightweight and provide extra volume. All our eyelashes can be reused 15 to 20 times with proper care. With iLashed you can create the most elegant look.


iLashed was founded by an ambitious entrepreneur with an obsession for fake eyelashes and beauty products. I was extremely disappointed with the selection of eyelashes in the industry. I mainly looked at the quality of the lashes, how long I could use the lashes and the price. Where were the high-quality lashes at a reasonable price? After 2 years of market research, iLashed was founded in November 2015. We started our collection with 5 false eyelash styles that are suitable for all eye shapes. Since then we have designed more than 20 eyelash styles and made accessories. The lashes varies from natural styles to full, dramatic styles with the promise that they compliment any desired eye shape and makeup styles. We are doing everything to offer our customers the best selection of eyelashes – Jean Hens