With iLashed you can pay 100% safely with the following payment options:

iDEAL is the most widely used online payment method in the Netherlands. If you have access to internet banking at ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank, SNS Bank, ASN Bank, Triodos Bank, the Friesland Bank or Knab, you can pay securely and quickly through iDEAL at iLashed.

You can pay directly with VISA card or MasterCard.
With us you can assume that your payment is safe. We encrypt your credit card data via the SSL method and this is always safe. During the payment you will be asked for your CVC code. This 3-digit code can be found on the back of your credit card, these are the last 3 digits.

You can pay directly with PayPal. If you choose to pay via PayPal, you will be redirected to the Paypal website after ordering. You can sign up for a new account here or log in with your existing Paypal username and confirm the payment. In the event of a deferred bank payment, your order will be sent as soon as we have received the payment

In most European countries Meastro is the standard for physical payments. You can recognize Meastro by the red blue symbol on the payment card.

Bancontact / Mister Cash
With these Belgian payment cards you can pay safely and quickly.

SOFORT Banking
Calculate securely and quickly with SOFORT Banking.

KLARNA Buy now & Pay later
With this payment method you can pay after receiving your order. The transaction costs amount to EUR 1.95. Klarna carries out a credit check when ordering and determines whether and for what amount you can make your purchase through this option. For questions about payment, contact Klarna.


Can you also pay afterwards?

Yes, it is possible to pay later via Klarna. Here we charge EUR 1.95 transaction costs. Make use of all the smooth functions of MyKlarna by logging in to with the e-mail address you provided with your order or download the Klarna app.

Smooth Login
You can easily log in with Tocuh ID, e-mail or pin code.
Easily pay your invoice with one click
You now pay your Klarna invoice even more easily with one click. You do not have to enter any more data, Klarna remembers it for you.

Do not miss payment
Turn on your ‘notifications’ and receive a reminder two days before the final payment date of your invoice. Moreover, you can easily place the payment in your diary with one click.

Report a return
Not happy with your order? Return your order and pass it through the Klarna app. Klarna temporarily pauses your invoice and adjusts it when your return is processed with us.

Move the latest payment date of your invoice
More time is needed to pay your bill, with one click you can change the final payment date once with ten days.
Do you have questions about the payment, for example why your order is not approved by Klarna? Please contact Klarna via 020-8082852 or chat via the app or desktop via Klarna chat. Klarna is available 24/7 from Monday to Friday. More information can be found on Klarna

As soon as the package is sent by iLashed, you will receive a digital invoice from Klarna by e-mail. You then have 14 days to pay the product. The payment details can be found on the digital invoice. Via ‘My Klarna’ you have a complete overview of the invoice or the payment.
When the entire order is returned to iLashed, the invoice including transaction costs at Klarna will be canceled. When you keep a part of the order, you will receive an adjusted invoice after the return processing. You can also transfer the amount yourself to Klarna yourself before you receive the custom invoice. [/ Learn_more]

Why is my purchase that I want to pay afterwards (via Klarna) not approved?

Klarna performs for all orders a check out. For questions about the payment afterwards or the order via Klarna that is not approved, please contact Klarna via 020-8082852 or the chat via Klarna is available 24/7 from Monday to Friday. More information can be found on [/ Learn_more]

In which countries is Klarna available?

Post Pay ‘is only available to consumers in:
•The Netherlands;
• Germany;
• Austria;
• Finland.

‘Spread Pay’ is only available to consumers in:
• Germany;
• Austria;
• Finland. [/ Learn_more]

How long does a refund after payment by iDEAL, credit card or Paypal?

Once we have received the item back and it has been processed, the amount is within 3 working days on the invoice you paid. If your credit card is refunded, the amount will be reversed. You can find the amount on the monthly overview of your credit card. [/ Learn_more]