iLashed Luxury Lashes are high quality false eyelashes. These lashes are handmade to ensure quality and durability. The eyelashes are made of 100% sterilized mink hair on a cotton band. This makes the lashes light and comfortable to wear. At iLashed you can buy the most luxurious eyelashes. iLashed eyelashes are a MUSTHAVE of many makeup artists and are worn by both Dutch and international celebrities. With careful use, you can use the lashes up to 25 times.

These lashes

  • High Quality.
  • Handmade.
  • Made of mink hair.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Add volume and definition.
  • Suitable for all eye shapes.
  • Usable up to 25 times.


  • Inside corner: 6mm
  • Middle: 16mm
  • Outside corner: 16mm

Content: 1 pair of false eyelashes.
Exclusive: eyelash glue.

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For more information, read the How to instructions on how to install and remove your iLashed eyelashes